The Sound of Wind

Wind instruments have given the world of music a lot of variety. We list some of the more popular ones among them.

SAXOPHONE: Music can definitely cheer anyone up and Saxophone in the hands of a good player has that power. Today there are many musical styles which use this wonderful instrument. Primarily there are five kinds of saxophone styles. Alto and Tenor are the two most common types. Soprano and Baritone are also widely used, while Bass is another, not so commonly used, type of saxophone. Classical and Jazz music often have saxophone as an important part. Saxophones are often made of brass, giving its sound a bright and loud tone. Saxophones typically 20 or more tone holes. The instrument is a bit bulky but not very heavy. The instrument was popular in military settings because of its strong and loud sound. Charlie “The Bird” Parker, Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane, Lester Young, Kenny G are some of the most popular Saxophone players. The invention of saxophone dates back to 1846 and is credited to Adolphe Joseph Sax (and hence the name saxophone). Saxophone is an important musical instrument in many bands. Saxophone is also referred to as Sax.

CLARINET: Clarinet is a single reed instrument and is reasonably small among wind instrument. Much like the flute there are keys and holes in this instrument. However the tone of a clarinet is darker. Clarinet is often played solo. Many orchestras and marching bands have clarinet as an integral part. Clarinets are made from a variety of materials. Some of the noteworthy Clarinet players from around the world are Woody Herman, Sabine Meyer, Benny Goodman, Julian Bliss, Richard Stoltzman, Martin Frost, Artie Shaw.

TUBA: The Tuba is a large wind instrument, usually made up of brass and has the lowest pitch. Tuba often played in groups rather than solo. Tuba is played by keeping it on the lap. Tuba because of its loud sound is often a part of procession. Tomy Johnson and Andy Kark are some of the well-known tuba players.

TRUMPET: While tuba is lies into the category of lowest end of frequency spectra among the wind instruments, trumpet lies on the highest end. The trumpet has just three walves. The sound of trumpet is radically changed if an optional mute is used. The trumpet is a legendary instrument in many cultures and often used in formal ceremonies.

FLUTE: Flute is one of the basic, oldest and smallest wind instruments. Some varieties of flutes only have tone holes while others also have keys. Due to its pleasant sound flute is often used in melodies' line.  Flute is an evergreen instrument, popular in western and eastern, classical as well as contemporary form of music. Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasiya, Julius Baker, Lori Bell, William Bennet are just some of the key flute players of 20th century. Flute players are called flautists.

OBOE: The Oboe is double reed instrument and infact smallest among them. The sound produce by oboe has a nasal tone. Oboe is often used for tuning in an orchestra. English horn is very similar to oboe but its sound it even deeper. Oboe players naturally can play English horn well. Heinz Holliger,  John Mack, Marcel Tabuteau and Sara Francis are some of the finest oboe players of recent times.

FRENCH HORN: The French horn is a small instrument with a large bell shape end. Like the trumpet there are three walves in French horn. Typically the sound of French horn has lower pitch than that of a trumpet. But some professionals can play higher pitch music on it. When playing one hand is inside the bell, and it is the one of the most difficult instrument among the wind instrument to play. Philip Myers and Hermann Bowmann are some of the famous faces among the French horn players.

TROMBONE: Trombone is an instrument played with a slide instead of keys. Trombone is typically used for low melody lines and solos. Because of contiguous moment of the slide the range of notes that can be played on the trombone is richer than most of other brass wind instrument. Many large bands have trombone as an essential part. Joseph Alessi, Denis Nick and Nick Hudson are some of the popular names associated with trombone.

The list of wind instruments we presented is not exhaustive and the list of famous players by no means so. However, we hope we were successful in enhancing your knowledge of and interest in wind instruments.