Music and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama The mystery of music is certainly marvelous! After learning about the musical wish of the great scientist Albert Einstein: "If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician....", let us know about the first lady of the USA, Mrs. Michelle Obama's similar aspiration to be a musician.
If I were Beyonce: Michelle Obama...
Who would not long for the position of the first lady of the US, Michelle Obama, but Michelle herself is so influnced from a celebrity that she wishes to be in her shoes! Yes, Michelle Obama tells that if she is given an opportunity, then she would like to exchange her position with the pop star Beyonce Knowles. As per New York Daily News, Michelle has told that if, presently, she were not with her husband and the president of America, Barack Obama in the White House, then she would have liked to be a music artist. She told that if God asks her to wish something, then she would have wished to be Beyonce. I have desired to be a famous singer. How excellent is the power of music, and also to play any instrument! It appears that musicians are topmost fun enjoyers. About a month back, 30-years-old Beyonce also had praised highly to Malia and Sasha's mother Michelle Obama. The singer of 'Love On Top' has told that Michelle is a role model for her daughter. According to Beyonce, Michelle is the highest representative of the 'strong African-American woman'. Recently, Michelle has attended, alongwith her daughters, a concert of Beyonce.

For the converse, Beyonce is also a Michelle fan. She has in-fact dedicated one of her compositions to Michelle Obama. Beyonce also has played her part in campaigning for President Obama's reelection. Beyonce feels Michelle is a complete woman and does her various roles nicely - whether it be of a mother, or wife or the first lady of United States. The two of them have also worked together for social causes - for example, a campaign to prevent childhood obesity. (By the way, did you know that interest in music can also help you remain fit - as a person with a relaxed mind enjoys better help and music certainly helps relax your mind. Also, many people tend to overeat because of lack of other joys in their life. So - next time, grab a bag of music rather than that extra bag of food when you are feeling down.)