Have you ever been in a situation that you have much to say, to express, but words merely seem inferior and somehow not enough, to draw the whole picture of your emotions and feelings? It’s not unreasonable at all that music is called “voice of angels”. Indeed, music, or rhythm, is sometimes the best way to truly, completely and attractively express every aspect of one's mood and every single beauty of our world. No genre of music can replace instrumental music in creating a whole new world and atmosphere around us.

As the name suggests, instrumental music consists of songs without lyrics where the melody may be played on one or more than one musical instrument. However, just like Art has no real definition and model, instrumental music does not always keep its supposed frame and rules. There are numerous types of musical compositions in the world, that can be classified as instrumental music. Usually, instrumental music is divided into certain subtypes based on the essence of compositions. Going into the details: we have audiophile, classical, instrumental and new age as general subtypes. However, most of listeners find it easier to categorize their instrumental music files based on musical instruments used for the songs. Speaking of which, guitar, piano, violin and flute are supposed to be the most popular and preferred all over the world. This is so because the sounds these instruments create can depict various emotions in a rich way by way of different rhythms.

Let us look at this aspect of instrumental music- Would instrumental music be appropriate in all situations and moods? Let us have some small and humble imaginations, or just simply take yourselves on a ride down the memory lane: On a fine windy day, when your heart is full of love to give to someone special and it beats so loudly you are afraid the other person may hear but words hardly come out of your mouth or you don't feel comfortable to say those words aloud as you are afraid that words will only create awkwardness between you and your beloved one, then you may want to try sending him/her a piano song with gentle and kind rhythms. Another situation. What would you do on a rainy somber evening when hanging out will drive you mad with cold and wetness and movies and television are a bit too much after a tired day? A guitar song with slow and tranquil rhythm may fit perfectly as the slow beats of your heart match with the rhythm of the song and your tense muscles can comfortably stretch after all.

It is not an understatement to say that instrumental music is a fascinating world of rhythms and compositions that has not yet been explored fully by mankind. With just rhythms, composers can draw numerous pictures of moods and feelings. An instrumental composition is not only about rhythms; it can give words to the feelings of a desiring and compassionate heart, be a source of light for a desperate soul lost in darkness and act like a balm to soothe the aching nerves of a frustrated and tired person.

Furthermore, it has been proved that listening to instrumental music can measurably improve the creativity and health conditions of an individual. Scientifically speaking, the endocrine system in our body has essential correlation with our nervous system meaning that listening to soothing music has positive effects on our hormones and ultimately our overall health. That is why expectant mothers are strongly advised to listen to classical music and instrumental music to increase their child’s mental ability and intelligence. So, just open your PC and take a look at some instrumental music websites; somewhere there are amazing songs waiting for you to listen to and feel the experience!