Frequently Asked Questions on

Q1.- How to start the instrument?
Ans - Just click on the On-Off button and the instrument is ready for playing the music.

Q2. - Why is the instrument not working even if I switch on the instrument?
Ans - There is a selection key at the right side of instrument. Select the instrument again and it should turn on.

Q3. - Why does instrument stop working some times?
Ans - Check whether you have clicked with the mouse outside the instrument. If yes, then click on the instrument.

Q4. - How can I record the tune I played?
Ans - You can record the music by clicking on the button Record. You can replay that music again by selecting the button Play.

Q5. - Can I record more than 1 tune?
Ans - Currently you can record only 1 tune at a time. Replay button will play the last recorded tune only.

Q6. - How to adjust the tempo of the instrument?
Ans - There are two arrows at both sides of Tempo. You can decrease tempo by clicking on Left arrow and increase by clicking on the right arrow. Tempo adjustment is available only when playing recorded tunes.