Benefits of Playing Piano

The benefits of learning and playing the piano are often not realized fully by those who play the instrument themselves. However, research has showed that learning to play the piano helps develop and sharpen the logical abilities of our brains. Learning to play the piano helps our children develop the essential qualities of Perseverance, Patience, Positive self-esteem, Self-discipline, Improved Concentration and Memory Skills. Studies also suggest that individuals can enjoy a lifetime of benefits from early exposure (as early as when 4 years old) to piano, guitar, singing, and other types of music lessons. Reading music notations, figuring out the correct keys, combinations, the sequence and the duration of a note all are good mental exercises. Piano Notes They involve hand-eye coordination and as the reward is instant (melodious music), children find the process interesting. Playing the piano is known to promote physical rehabilitation in people of all ages. It can also help older adults stay mentally active and avoid memory loss disorders. For many adults, playing the piano is a great way to help reduce stress in today's busy and hectic life. Piano's harmony and rules also help stimulate the mind. Being able to produce music of various kinds at ones fingertips promotes an overall sense of joy and well-being.
For Musicians:
An acoustic 88-key piano contains a broader range of musical tones as compared to almost any other musical instrument in the world. This allows composers to write music compositions for any other musical instrument and is often their instrument of choice in experimenting and dabbling with new creations. Most other musical instruments can also be tuned against the piano. It is also suggested that as piano involves fundamental musical skills but minimal effort on the instrument (as compared to other instruments which may involve effort like blowing air or heavy stress on fingers), it is perhaps the best instrument for kids to start with. Being easy to pick up gives children self confidence and allows them to focus on musical intuition rather than getting bogged down by difficulties of the instrument.
Spiritual Benefits:
Music is an art to reveal silence through the sound. Music is meditation. A musical keyboard can drive one on the surfboard on an infinite ocean of the heart. The piano is a keyboard musical instrument where the dancing fingers on the keyboard create sweet notes to create, in turn, harmonious waves of peace and meditative silence in the heart. The beauty of a piano can be summed up through a short haiku: Piano with its delicate hammers............... Breaks the strongest rocks.